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Why Australia

Australia is a land of diversity. It’s both hot and cool, quite and lovely, ancient and young, both at the centre and the edge of the universe and it is very, very big. This massive country is well endowed with treasure in the form of astonishing natural attractions, exquisite beaches, amazing wildlife and a captivating history.

Australia is full of wonderful things to see and do, with something for everyone:

- over 500 national parks just waiting to be explored, where spectacular scenery abounds

- more beaches than any country in the world – over 10,000 of them stretched out over nearly 50,000km – perfect for swimming, surfing, or sunning

- unique and extraordinary wildlife is a must-see for animal lovers

- Australian cities are world-class, multicultural and full of fantastic food & wine, a diverse range of entertainment and plenty of shopping

- OZ’s art and culture scene is nothing short of vibrant, and Aussie love for sport is undeniable. Plenty of activities are on hand for the enthusiastic traveller…and that’s just the beginning!

The thing that strikes first-time visitors to Sydney is the astonishing variety. There's really nowhere in the world like it. You can be standing downtown, at the heart of the city, and within few hours you can find yourself in a rainforest, swimming in a marine reserve, abseiling a waterfall or dining at a world-famous vineyard. In fact Sydney's choice of adventures and things to do would fill a lifetime. 

That is why we just love it here and we think you might do, too!